Another new show coming up and the first interview! 

Here's the link to the first Everdying interview to ever take place before we get to the really good stuff. CLICK ME LIKE I WAS TOUCHING YOUR SISTER

Now that that's out of the way, I snagged the opening spot for the upcoming Arsis/Allegaon/Exmortus tour when they stop through Mojoe's in Joliet! ANOTHER ALL AGES SHOW so now you guys really have no excuse to not come out! I've got tickets for both shows still so let me know if you want to come hang out and have a good time with us! Both of these shows are going to be awesome, and I'll be playing some songs that I haven't played live yet!

First show done, had a lot of fun! 

Yeah I meant to rhyme that shit. Anyway, I had a great first show last Friday at Ye Olde Town Inn! Head over to the Video section to see some footage! Also, see that email signup form to the right? Sign up and I'll send you mp3s of the whole set, along with all 5 videos! I only put 3 on YouTube so if you want to see the other two (which are brand new and previously unreleased!) that's the only way you can make it happen! I did put one of the songs up on my Reverbnation page though that you can listen to, it's called "You Died That Night" and guess what? YOU CAN LISTEN TO THAT SHIT RIGHT NOW it's in the player below the email signup form. That's pretty much all for now, I do intend to play more shows so if anyone needs a band just let me know!

First show coming up in June!! 

Definitely looking forward to this! Also, it's Rick Hernandez's birthday! So that'll be a blast and a half in and of itself. I'll have all my merch with me and the prices are the same as they are in the store, first chance to get the new stickers! Speaking of the store, I finally went ahead and put everything up so go check it out!

Here are links to the reviews I've gotten so far! 

I guess because I haven't actually made a post here in awhile that I should do fuckin something. So if for some REALLY odd reason there are people who only check this website and no other place, yes I'm still doing things. There was a contest that ends tomorrow for a free merch package, which I admit I dropped the ball on sending and email out to people about but whatever I'm an asshole apparently. ANYWAY, as the title says here are some links to people who have reviewed The Journey Ahead. Most all have been pretty favorable, and there was one that was confused (you'll see what I mean when you get there). Still working on new music for the next album, hope to start playing some shows soon, I guess that's really about it. Onto the links!

Rock In Chicago
Arte Mortifica Reviews
Flemming Gabin
The Metalithic
The Metal Observer

Anyone else that wants to review anything, please feel free! Speaking of free, all of my music is still free! So head over to that section and go get you some free metal.

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