Note to all bands! 

I am, and will always be, down to trade merch. CDs, shirts, stickers, patches, whatever the fuck else we have in common I am open to trades. Doesn't matter if it's at shows that we're playing together or via the mail, anytime anywhere. Let's do this!

The thing about music 

I put on an album the other day that I hadn't listened to in awhile. When I first heard it shortly after it came out I was absolutely blown away and I listened to the living shit out of it for I don't know how many weeks. After awhile though, like with everything else that anyone seems to be all about, I got kinda sick of it. Not like I hated it, I just wasn't in the mood to listen to it anymore. So almost a year later, I saw a post of this band on my Facebook wall and I thought, "huh. it's been awhile since I listened to them, I'll throw it on when I'm driving around at work." That's exactly what I did, although I ended up putting something else on about 75% of the way through it. Now I'm wondering why. Why after all this time am I still not really in the mood? Did I just fuck myself out of enjoying it because I listened to it so much for so long without listened to really anything else? Am I ever going to be able to enjoy it to that level again? I can't be the only one that this happens to, but it just seems so odd. I mean, this band is fucking awesome. Super talented musicianship, great songwriting, I tried learning a couple riffs here and there because it was just out of my skill level so I figured it would be good practice. I just couldn't make it through. So why does that happen? I dunno, anyone else go through that? Usually I'm fine after that long, but then I wonder also if there's something about that album that maybe doesn't have lasting power. Does that make sense? I certainly thought at the time that I couldn't get enough of it, and apparently I did. I guess that's the double-edged sword of albums, can't stop listening to them because they're so good but then you just don't ever want to listen to them again. If you happen to download or buy any of my stuff, maybe spread it out a bit because I'd really like all of you to stick around!

The Journey Ahead EP is out now!! 

Like the title says, it's out!! It's a free download pretty much everywhere that I have control over the price if it's an option. So if you click on the appropriate social media image buttons on the right side over there, they'll get you what you've been searching for your whole life. I've also included the "I'm a lazy fuck" option, hence the soundcloud player on the right as well. Share it with your friends! Share it with your shitty fuckin neighbors that have an asshole crying baby that they clearly don't like because it just cries all the time and they yell at it! If that's the case, just put it on your stereo and crank it the fuck up and go grocery shopping or go get some food or whatever, because fuck them in their stupid asses. Really. Max out your credit card on an insane system for your house/apartment/condo/townhouse and just crank that shit. When the cops show up and make you cut the music, they'll completely understand when they hear what's going on and your reasoning behind your actions.

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