Within the Recesses is out now!!!!

9 songs, $9 digital download, physical copies are in the works and I'll let you know when they're available! In the meantime click the pic and check it out!

New EP, new shirts, new shit all around

.departure. is out! 6 songs, $4 digital download $6 physical copy. I put some limited edition shirts on bandcamp and someday I'll get around to putting them on here but if you're interested go check them out! I'm still working…

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Holy fuck it's been a year and a half

Sorry! I've been busy doing a bunch of bullshit that wasn't sweet (like having a bunch of different jobs, sometimes 3 at a time) and then doing stuff that's been sweet (releasing a badass split with my friends and working…Read more

Seems like I'm on a 4 months schedule

So yeah not too much new is happening, apart from getting 12-13 songs together for a new album! That's pretty much what I've been working on lately, I'm not too sure when the release date will be but it should…Read more

Yep, I'm still bad at updating

But I finally put the new shirts up! So head over to the Store section and grab one, and maybe some stickers because you can never have enough! Also, I went to the doctor today and he told me that…Read more

I'm so bad at this updating shit

Yeah so I just noticed that I hadn't updated this news section in a few months, sorry about that! At least I remembered to change the shows section haha. Anyway, this month has been pretty much devoid of any sort…Read more