2nd show down!

So yeah I just played at Another Hole in the Wall last night and it was awesome! Great bands, great people, great venue! I recorded audio and video, if you want the links you should sign up for my email list and be one of the cool kids! I've posted Lunar Aura so far, the others will be posted later so you're not all bombarded with my bullshit all at once. Guess who gets all the links right now? Yep, email list subscribers! Anyway, I will have tickets tomorrow for the upcoming Arsis/Allegaeon/Exmortus show next month down in Joliet so let me know if you need some! They're $13 each and I have no problem driving them out to you! Just email me here or send me a message anywhere else, whatever your preferred method of communication is! Here's the video for Lunar Aura!

Also, go check out the Photos section for some new live shots!