First show done, had a lot of fun!

Yeah I meant to rhyme that shit. Anyway, I had a great first show last Friday at Ye Olde Town Inn! Head over to the Video section to see some footage! Also, see that email signup form to the right? Sign up and I'll send you mp3s of the whole set, along with all 5 videos! I only put 3 on YouTube so if you want to see the other two (which are brand new and previously unreleased!) that's the only way you can make it happen! I did put one of the songs up on my Reverbnation page though that you can listen to, it's called "You Died That Night" and guess what? YOU CAN LISTEN TO THAT SHIT RIGHT NOW it's in the player below the email signup form. That's pretty much all for now, I do intend to play more shows so if anyone needs a band just let me know!