I'm so bad at this updating shit

Yeah so I just noticed that I hadn't updated this news section in a few months, sorry about that! At least I remembered to change the shows section haha. Anyway, this month has been pretty much devoid of any sort of activity as far as the band goes, but that will change next month! I'm playing a show down in Urbana on December 19th, I'll post the details as soon as everything has been finalized but I'm pretty pumped about it! Then it looks like I'll be returning to YOTI yet again in January on the 17th to do more one man destruction of Mt Prospect! Also, new merch is in the works since I only have a few shirts left and lots of ideas for new stuff! I'm in the testing phase right now but i've gotten some new screen printing equipment and inks so I'll be able to do multiple colors now which will be sweet. I'm also thinking that i might print my own digipaks for the next release, as well as the disc images. I'd like to get it to where I've personally made/printed/etched/etc every single piece of merch that I sell, because why not? So yeah those are the updates for right now, check back soon for show info!