3rd and 4th shows have come and gone!

What a busy week last week was! I got to open for Arsis, Allegaeon, and Exmortus on Wednesday and also got to play with fellow local openers Bloodletter who ruled! Then Saturday I played again at Copas Bar all the…Read more

2nd show down!

So yeah I just played at Another Hole in the Wall last night and it was awesome! Great bands, great people, great venue! I recorded audio and video, if you want the links you should sign up for my email…Read more

First show done, had a lot of fun!

Yeah I meant to rhyme that shit. Anyway, I had a great first show last Friday at Ye Olde Town Inn! Head over to the Video section to see some footage! Also, see that email signup form to the right…Read more

First show coming up in June!!

Definitely looking forward to this! Also, it's Rick Hernandez's birthday! So that'll be a blast and a half in and of itself. I'll have all my merch with me and the prices are the same as they are in the…Read more

Note to all bands!

I am, and will always be, down to trade merch. CDs, shirts, stickers, patches, whatever the fuck else we have in common I am open to trades. Doesn't matter if it's at shows that we're playing together or via the…Read more

The thing about music

I put on an album the other day that I hadn't listened to in awhile. When I first heard it shortly after it came out I was absolutely blown away and I listened to the living shit out of it… Read more

The Journey Ahead EP is out now!!

Like the title says, it's out!! It's a free download pretty much everywhere that I have control over the price if it's an option. So if you click on the appropriate social media image buttons on the right side over… Read more