New EP, new shirts, new shit all around 

.departure. is out! 6 songs, $4 digital download $6 physical copy. I put some limited edition shirts on bandcamp and someday I'll get around to putting them on here but if you're interested go check them out! I'm still working on a full length and don't have a release date or anything yet but I'll let you know as soon as I get it figured out, it's going to be pretty awesome! CLICK IT

Holy fuck it's been a year and a half 

Sorry! I've been busy doing a bunch of bullshit that wasn't sweet (like having a bunch of different jobs, sometimes 3 at a time) and then doing stuff that's been sweet (releasing a badass split with my friends and working on a full length). Chaos Triumphant came out last June and it's available as a free download! There are also hard copies if you're the sort that still likes to own actual things that you can hold! The full length I've been working on will be called Within the Recesses and it'll have 12 tracks of rule on it. If you asked me to describe what it sounds like I would say pre-Clayman In Flames meets God Dethroned meets Dissection with Storm of the Light's Bane era production if it were recorded at Sunlight Studios and sounded more like Dismember or Entombed, on an 8 string guitar. So basically, lots of melody and brutality and acoustic parts and reverb and HM-2. I've also got a sick shirt that I'm in process of finishing up some things on, and it's looking like it will be available in a variety of ink colors because I like how all of them look. so there you go! All of the details will be up soon when everything has been finalized, so check back!

Seems like I'm on a 4 months schedule 

So yeah not too much new is happening, apart from getting 12-13 songs together for a new album! That's pretty much what I've been working on lately, I'm not too sure when the release date will be but it should definitely be sometime next year. More details will come as I get further into it, but in the meantime you can still download my other EPs for free! Also, buy some shirts or something!

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