The Journey Ahead EP is out now!!

Like the title says, it's out!! It's a free download pretty much everywhere that I have control over the price if it's an option. So if you click on the appropriate social media image buttons on the right side over there, they'll get you what you've been searching for your whole life. I've also included the "I'm a lazy fuck" option, hence the soundcloud player on the right as well. Share it with your friends! Share it with your shitty fuckin neighbors that have an asshole crying baby that they clearly don't like because it just cries all the time and they yell at it! If that's the case, just put it on your stereo and crank it the fuck up and go grocery shopping or go get some food or whatever, because fuck them in their stupid asses. Really. Max out your credit card on an insane system for your house/apartment/condo/townhouse and just crank that shit. When the cops show up and make you cut the music, they'll completely understand when they hear what's going on and your reasoning behind your actions.