Here are links to the reviews I've gotten so far!

I guess because I haven't actually made a post here in awhile that I should do fuckin something. So if for some REALLY odd reason there are people who only check this website and no other place, yes I'm still doing things. There was a contest that ends tomorrow for a free merch package, which I admit I dropped the ball on sending and email out to people about but whatever I'm an asshole apparently. ANYWAY, as the title says here are some links to people who have reviewed The Journey Ahead. Most all have been pretty favorable, and there was one that was confused (you'll see what I mean when you get there). Still working on new music for the next album, hope to start playing some shows soon, I guess that's really about it. Onto the links!

Rock In Chicago
Arte Mortifica Reviews
Flemming Gabin
The Metalithic
The Metal Observer

Anyone else that wants to review anything, please feel free! Speaking of free, all of my music is still free! So head over to that section and go get you some free metal.